At War With Your Mother

Words by Robb Spensley

Suggestion lurks and the underwater salesman makes me want to crash my car right now man
Even when they try they preach to the choir humans stuck in inevitable "I'm dangerous" phase
Layers of decent privilege put the reigns in the hands of the one who blows the plan
Oceans scatter over landlocked waters is the reason their finding whale skeletons

Participant in future
I'm at war with your mother
Significance to the winners and losers
I'm at war with your standards

Suggestion lurks and it heals your hurts you won't advance past your 25th birthday
Even when you wanna watch the debate on TV you emerge with annoyance for all the candidates
So lay off me because I'm rich I don't owe yall nothing in tax responsibility
Oceans scatter over the brainwashed losers you forgot why you played the spoiler role in the first place

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