1.13.12 New Year / The Future Arrives

As the snow (finally) begins to fall in Vermont, we have great news to report. First, and foremost, this past Christmas day, Robb and Sybren Spensley welcomed their second daughter into this world, Ruby Myrna Spensley.

The band continues to work hard on new material as the reviews of Dansicola start to trickle in. This week we had a nice spread in 7days, which you can check out here.

Other than that, we are remaining poised as the Spring tour schedule is being compiled. We hope to see you soon!

11.2.11 Dan-si-co-la

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our second CD, Dansicola, featuring eleven new tracks. While most of these tunes have been in our live repertoire for some time, Dansicola provides an opportunity to hear our best and most polished recordings to date. Big thanks goes out to Mike and Dave at Signal Kitchen (Burlington) for their help in tracking drums, and thanks to Christine Mathias for her excellent vocal contributions. The CD is available here, and fans can name their price for individual tracks. We continue to do our best to make sure those who want our music can get our music. As always, our live shows are available, often in their entirety here, and videos on our youtube channel here. The CD will be for sale at all shows and at Pure Pop in Burlington, VT.

Our next scheduled show is Sunday December 11th at Radiobean. Hope to see you there!

9.12.11 Back from the Woodshed

Whew! After several months of studio work, we are on schedule for an October release of the second Guides full-length record. Stay tuned for a barrage of tour dates to follow...

In the meantime, if you are in the Rutland-area, we would love to see you at the S.P.A.R.C. show, hosted by the local Unitarian Church. We are scheduled to play promptly at 6 pm, and check the "Tour" page for all the details. This set will debut at least a few new tunes -- a glimpse of the future of Guides. ; )

04.27.11 Studio Bound Part Deux

Guides for the Future are happy to announce plans to record their second full length album. Tracking begins this weekend at Signal Kitchen in Burlington. The projected release date is October or November of this year with 10 or 11 new tracks in the hopper.

We would also like to thank the fans who made to our last Manhatan Pizza show we rocked out with local riot grrrl's Doll Fight. Aside from a private party, the next show, again with Doll Fight, will be at the Monkey House on june 24th. Hope to see you there.

01.28.11 Grab Your Boards!

On 1/28/11 Guides was informed that our recently recorded track Push then Shove has been selected to be featured on GMR Films clip of the week. GMR is a local Vermont outfit who makes snowboard vids etc. We are psyched that they picked us! Check out the video on our site or here.

Guides has also recently played gigs at Parima with our friends Healthy Option Dane, and also at The Monkey House, where they shared the stage with local riot girls Pink Fury (now re-tooled as Doll Fight). Big thanks to the bands, the wonderful staff and soundmen at those places. We love to see our fans coming out! The recordings are on archive as always. Stay tuned for new gigs and new material on the horizon.

09.23.10 Rutland Radio

Guides for the Future plays their long-awaited comeback show at Manhattan Pizza this Thursday September 23rd. Headlining act Brown Gold includes both Tom and Cale from Guides who will be exhibiting their diverse talents. Additionally, recently released track Piece of Me will be featured on 102.7 WEQX Exposure for at least four Sundays in a row starting September 19th. Additionally there will be a show with good friends Healthy Option Dane (HOD) Friday December 10th at Parima. Cale plays in HOD. Do not miss this show. Finally don't forget to check out our constantly expanding catalog of videos on youtube.

08.26.10 From the Green Room

We have been busy lately with recent shows at the Monkey House and Nectars right here on our home turf of Burlington. The shows were great and we want to thank all of our fans for showing up to support us. Special thanks goes out to Kelsey who introduced us at Nectars, as well as all the great bands who we supported and who supported us (PMP, L Dora, Almighty Dollars). At this time Guides for the Future are contemplating a second album, as well as new gigs. Stay tuned for new dates. Also check youtube for a constantly expanding collection of videos and concert footage.

07.03.10 Guides Triple-Play!

Guides for the Future are proud to announce the release of three new songs: Push Then Shove Then Free, Piece of Me(at), and The Queue. Recorded right here in Burlington at Signal Kitchen, these three tracks represent our current mood.

Also Robbs daughter Iyla was born on April 30th and has become the bands youngest new fan. With so much going on for the Guides members these days we currently have only two future shows, however we are working to set up more, including shows in Central and Southern Vermont. The current upcoming dates are July 14th at Battery Park in furtherance of the highly regarded Roots Rock Festival, and then August 12 at the Monkey House in Winooski, where we share the stage with local legends.

Lastly please be on the lookout for our old cd (and all tracks) in newly mastered format. Special thanks again to Mike Labita and Dave DeCristo down at Signal Kitchen.

04.24.10 TV Guides!

Hi There!

Here's an update on what we are up to as of late. A special congrats to Robb and Sybren who are expecting their first child in a matter of days, literally! Meanwhile, Guides is still going strong as we continue to generate new material and firm up summer dates.

Right now we are gearing up for a two-track studio run with Mike Labita of Eclectic Studios in Burlington. These singles will complement our follow-up record, which we are planning on recording later this summer.

Additionally, we recently accepted a generous offer from local folk sensation Freight to play at Vermont's Roots Rock Revival Festival on May 20th at Battery Park in Burlington. We will keep you updated as the details take shape, but so excited to share the stage with so many fine Vermont artists.

Last, but certainly not least, we are elated to share our recent move to video. Channel Guides will be broadcasting 24 hours a day on Youtube here. There you can find live performances as well as music videos. We have released a b-side music video of "The Usurper" to tide you over 'till studio!



03.25.10 Guides Go Clean

Greetings Faithful Fans,

We are super excited to announce a bit of a Guides anomaly: a night with no pedals!

You heard right, Robb, Cale, and Tom will be coming at you live from Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier on Wednesday, April 7 with tons of new material and campfire stories all built around a semi-acoustic arrangement.

Come down and grab some coffee with us and learn the legend behind Vampires of L House, Wolves of Saint Knight, and many more. Special thanks to the folks at Langdon for fitting us in on such short notice.

We look forward to seeing you. This will most certainly be a night to remember!

02.25.10 Reviewed!

Well, Guides for the Future's self-titled debut album was reviewed in Seven Days on February 24 (2010). Read the review here. Other than containing many impressive vocabulary words, we felt the review was somewhat generally accurate, and quite positive, however it completely overlooked the obvious and essential contributions of Cale and Tom. Tom literally writes half the songs these days. Also props are owed for an increased awareness for our band's website. In the hunt for our outstanding merch, curios web-surfers may also come across our music, gigs, lyrics, bios and pictures. Anyway, the exposure is awesome and will help us to land more quality gigs for our fans and innocent bystanders.

Robb and his wife Sybren are having a baby around late April so there may be a lull in performances for a few weeks, however we are hard at work writing new material constantly.

As mentioned lyrics to all our songs are now up on www.guidesforthefuture.com They appear in the music section. Also, our cds are for sale down at Pure Pop.

02.1.10 Fun Times with The 5th Business

We want to give a special thanks to everyone who made it out on such a cold Saturday night to see us rock Charlie O's with The Fifth Business!

We also wanted to invite you to join us at Manhattan Pizza on Friday, 2/12 for an evening with the Guides. You will hear all of the classics and lots of new material.

See you there!

01.20.10 242 Main, Charlie-O's, and Manhattan Pizza

Big thanks to all of you who made it out to the Monkey House show a few weeks back. We had a blast! Great tunes, great beer, and the very best of fans.

Just wanted to let you know that we have three headlining spots coming up in the next few weeks: 242 Main this Friday, Charlie-O's next Saturday, and then Manhattan Pizza on 2/12. Check out the tour page for all the details. Hope to see you there!

Over-and-out from the Guides...

11.14.09 242 Main, the Monkey and Studio!!!

Hi All,

The Winter dates are starting to roll in! Look for us at the Monkey House on January 7th and then down the road at 242 Main on the 22nd.

We are also heading into the studio in two weeks to get some more polished recordings of your favorite Guides tunes! The track-listing is so secret that even we don't know yet what will be on the album. Rest assured that it will not disappoint!

We'll keep you updated on that and who we will be billed with at the upcoming shows as the details unfold.

Cheers from the Guides,

Tom, Robb and Cale.

10.20.09 Goin' Down to the Crossroads

Greetings Dearest Fans,

We are excited to announce that this Friday (Oct. 23rd) we will be rocking out at Crossroads Bar in South Royalton, VT. This is going to be a wild night with lots of new material making its debut! We will most likley go on around 10 p.m. but get there early to enjoy the brew and have a shot (or 10) with us. You can find the directions under the "Tour" tab on the website (www.guidesforthefuture.com)

Also, for those that don't know, we are currently in 10th place in the Magic Hat band contest. On Halloween, Magic Hat will select its 10 favorite bands and then let the public vote on who should win. The winner gets $1000 in cash and 6 shows set up and promoted by the Hat. The selections are made in part by the number of comments, so we could use all the comments we can get. We will be well on our way to getting a studio record to the public with a victory in this contest. Your generous support is greatly appreciated. Here is the link: http://magichat.net/ontour/bands/guides_future

Hope to see you on Friday!!

Cheers from the Guides,

Tom, Robb and Cale.

10.1.09 Mark Your Calendars!

We just heard the good word that we will be rockin' the Monkey House in Winooski, VT on Thursday, January 7, 2010.

We will keep you updated as the details roll in.


9.28.09 Magic (Hat) is Norm

Greetings All,

The Guides recently entered the Magic Hat Brewing Company band contest. This is a great opportunity for us locals to see how we measure up on the national scale. In early November, Magic Hat will select its top 10 favorite bands and then let the public vote on who is the winner. The winning band then gets $1000 in cash and 6 shows promoted my Magic Hat.

The more comments we receive the better we fare in the running, so we'd love your feedback! Let's Rock the Vote! http://magichat.net/ontour/bands/guides_future

9.21.09 New Stuff

We had a great time at Two Brothers this past Saturday and hope to play there again in the near future. Special thanks to all of those who helped set that up!

Also, I am proud to announce that the Guides are now listed in the Live Music Archive and have a page on Last.fm. There you can check out our live shows (including our most recent @ Two Brothers).

Here are the links:



See you soon!

9.8.09 Two Brothers Tavern on the 19th

We are excited about the upcoming show at Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury! We have tons of new material to debut. While this gig is closed to the public, we are dilligently pursuing dates in Burlington and Montpelier.

We have been confirmed at the Radio Bean and will let you know the exact details as they are made available to us. Hope to see you there.

Thanks for listening!

8.18.09 Charlie-O's Date Put on Hold

Fans, It appears that a scheduling mishap beyond our control has forced us to change our next show at Charlie-O's in Montpelier. Stay tuned while we get things ironed out and hopefully we will have the updated schedule soon.

Thanks for your support.


8.9.09 Charlie-O's Date Added, Soon!

This just in, we indeed got confirmed at Charlie-O's Bar & Grill in downtown Montpelier for Saturday, August 22. Should be a great night and we will keep you updated as the details unfold.


8.4.09 Fall Shows Ahoy!

This is an exciting time for Guides as we are gearing up for what>will undoubtedly be an awesome late summer run. Mark your calendars for August 15 and come check us out at 242 Main in Burlington. We will also be doing a private show the next month in Middlebury and are in the process of securing dates at Red Square, Radio Bean, and Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier. We will keep you updated as the schedule continues to develop

We have lots of new material to add to the catalog so rest assured that the upcoming gigs will be chock full of surprises and novelty



P.S. We'd like to know what your favorite tune is, so if you have time to take a quick poll we'd love to see what you think!

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