Words by Tom Mason

I built a lifetime out of running a race in always first place
No point to take a cooler
Im no drooler

I ran a marathon
Its twenty six miles of pure grit
but im to stubborn to ever quit
I paid the fee for bussing and t shirts

(strap on my spandex without any shorts)
I come early down to the checkered gate
(and hope that my tummy knows how to wait)
I make sure that its full regalia
Even if I lose I still look good

(Fear that dose of pain)
Will you wait for me on mile two or three?
(Look for someone to blame)
When the people behind start to draw near
(Never ever again will I do this to a healthy body)

(Take the money and run)
When a sponsor offers you a big hug
(No one left to shame)
Except yourself when you get the pins reset
(Never ever again will I do this to a healthy body)

After five-mile, six-mile, seven-mile
my hip joints a feeling mmmm good
After nine-mile, ten-mile, eleven-mile
No holding back any taste for blood

I couldnt believe all these people here looking at me
Now im done in the sun and it all was so fun
But whats this emergency?
A car has careened downright splintered my spleen
I guess now ill need a replacement
And so its back to the basement

Tall and slender

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