Common Sense

Words by Tom Mason

Common Sense is calling
Take these lessons and we may get sleep tonight
Common Sense is coming
It's refreshing to end life

Biding my time
Watching the clock tick so slowly
Always be true
From me to you

Running from love
And all that you have got to say
Wielding your fist
Oh, yes

I flirted with you
I haven't said that for a year
Always be true
I hated you

With hatred comes dispair
It's eating up my insides
Meanwhile I am grasping and asking
Why the fuck me?
I hear you talking
Then you yelling
I close my mind and it speaks
And it speaks

Biting my lip
Pushing the pressure deep inside
I learned it from you
To love and hate
Feeling the pain
And the bubbles in my brain
Always be true
I loathe you

I don't know what to do
Sleepless days, depressing nights
I'm gritting my teeth
The pain, the pain, the pain, the pain
You know the pain is unbearable
So long as it's believable


No coffee, no booze and no beer
(Common sense)
Just smoking a bowl with 'ol Bob Weir
(Common sense)

It makes no difference to me

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