Dead Air

Words by Tom Mason & Christine Mathias

I'll give you something to say and I'll give you something to write
I'll tell you everything about me, for the right price
If you give me something to say and if you give me something to write
I'll tear you into pieces for a low fee

I'm not ready for this, I didn't sign up for this shit
Where is my attorney? Where is my way out
I paid a hefty fee for this opportunity
You wanted a story, but there's no way out

So here is your story and I hope that it's not gory
I can't tell you that I need more cash
There's no consideration for this modification
You better run or darling, you spit it out

Waiting for the night time to make it all exact
Always the right time to shove a knife in your back

Desert sands blow in from the South, the tide from the east
Seagulls flock and lizards spun on too much humidity
And in the morning everything is shiny and new
The animals had feasted on all the evil

Talk shows, meetings, soldiers with their face in the ground
Churches, murders, cancer with a cure not yet found
remain unfound
Babies, rabies, more stories about a dead celeb
Gadgets, bad habits, the scoop that is on a ten
on CNN
Fishing, resisting, all captured now for the public eye
Senators, contestants, cases but which ones do you try
either way die

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