Disputing the Consensus

Words by Robb Spensley

I need my body to survive
That's why I keep it by my side
So when I try to walk around
My left leg falls next to my right

And all my friends they don't know why
They wanna hang out and I say bye
I'm watching the TV shows at home
And it's a long car ride I despize

The solitude is my true ally
When I don't think about the things that make me cry
Like all the old places I lived around
And all the good people I left behind

I guess it's just easier to deny
Like half of them from polarizing weddings my…..
…. but I'm so happy to be movin on
I won't forget the ones I met on the ride

Lies and there can be no solution
from the pollution
There's fires all over California
Liars they're disputing the consensus
we can't arrest ya
Hire me to work up in the Mountains
and I'll be shoutin

My doggy is good guy
Never fails to bring a smile to my eye
But I will tear the man limb from limb
Who kicks his body or makes him shy

Then I sit on the porch and hide from the lie
That I shamelessly steal all my wifi
I need to stay connected to world at large
And not be isolated and feel like a spy

And its time to be quiet in the tree at night
So I can kill the deer that pass under my sight
I'll fill up the freezer if I can keep it down
And not fall out from that height……

Now you can see the issues that clog my life
And take away from time with my future wife
There aren't enough hours in the day
And no time to waste on strife

Pride makes me walk into the pitfalls
while the users ride my coattails
Snide are remarks under my skin
you're not missin
Liars they're disputing the concensus
we can't arrest ya
Hire me to work up in the mountains
and I'll be shoutin

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