Words by Tommy Bobcat

No one else is in your head
No one else is in your bed
No one else can hear you smile
No one else can see you cry

Hi there folks it's time to dance
It won't be like your last romance
I'm really here, you'll know i's me
On the cusp of sanity
There's music here and much, much more, I don't know what your waiting for.

So find a partner, dosado, and if you like ther'es even blow
from chocolate cake to wake and bake and all that's in between
give a ring and join the scene, but do so very clean

In my Figment

Take a brief trip, its quittin' time
and after that its on your dime
build a life and build a house
then look around for something else

This hanging rope is fun to grope, but keep that damn chair standing

Remember when you bought that coffin
knowing that your heart would soften?
eating books and reading pills
and learning more of endless bills

math is your escape, to keep from posting those edits.

In my figment

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