Words by Tom Mason

One more attack, we will live in infamy

Reach for the clicker, and after which my brain goes pop,
A tiny little disaster, just take a look at what's on FOX,

After 10 the news repeats, the weatherman doesn't miss a beat
In an hour its late night talk, and a wonder that I can even balk

Oh, Patty Rob Oh, Patty Rob way to to go
Oh, Patty Rob you will never know

Too many racing thoughts, but at the risk of something special
I should try and hold on, maybe this will be the answer?
ItŐs a new year, who am I to mock?
With a swiftly held objection at the price of my libido.

Oh, Tommy B Oh, Tommy B what a throw
You dominate the New England snow
Oh, Tommy B Oh, Tommy B what a show
You dominate you dominate the New England snow

She takes the pen, she fakes the love

I love you more than me

Give me everything you want,
Give me everything need out of life.

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