Magic is Norm (Dry Your Eyes)

Words by Robb Spensley

There's always lots of chances to judge
all the people that you know nothing of
cause your boring life is never enough
I say your boring life is never enough

And what are we even living for?
always craving what they got next door
On the TV where magic is norm

Old friends
they wanna be there and have our backs
I met so many people they start to fall between the cracks
so I hope they will forgive me for that
cause I know that I forgive 'em for that

Movin forward in this world seen
seeing the lines and the stuff that's in between
There's more to life than money and gleams
and if you know this then its really relaxing

It's paradise but you can't leave without your brother
Looking back I can see the signs
And it makes no sense to cry
So party with me and dry your eyes

I got pulled over by this cop I said 'what's up?'
he said you earned a ticket for 10 miles above
I closed the window in his face and drove off
with people watching me leave him in the dust

And now its obvious to everyone I'm cool
and Bambi likes me cuz I disregarded rules
I'm the type of dude you're watching on the tube
I'm the type of dude who kicks you cause I'm cruel

It's the end of another work day
probably tomorrow will seem the same way
but there's some good news that's left to relay If you can jam you don't forget how to play

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