Make it Through These Times

Words by Robb Spensley

And these days
I descend into my comfort phase
Pretty babies
They fly through my polluted sky
You won't answer questions
when they're assuming the worst
My first day inside the cabin
I was concealing my hobbies

I'm from a country
feels like we're inventing the demons
Oil wars spill into water world ending revolution
and I'm freezing
The Mexican path to legalization
social security is the hot button issue in the confused nation
When enemies and frenimies are the same
you're in the sophisticated world but it's lame
and I'm tame
Our energies have liquefied the rain
and it falls down on the banks and it's the same
and life's a game
how are you playing?

I can make it through these times the uncertainty trying to attract my mind
hold on steady to that light and remember what it's like when you walk in the night

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