Words by Tom Mason

I feel Mondays, while you feel Tuesdays You say Wednesday has no feel But, mister you have got to be real

No speed racer or chubby chaser Exclamation point or bra salesman I hope you finally find a friend

You took a message and I learned a lesson Jake Jarmel is not your name For that you have God to blame

He wore mohair, and I may not care There's a time and place for everything But if we leave we miss the scene

Take it, The Sniffing Accountant Push it, The Sniffing Accountant Woohoo, The Sniffing Accountant Boohoo, The Sniffing Accountant

I hope that we will find the answers to our dirty mind And if we sting you ought to know and be more careful with your blow

No fill left in the holy water No king and no regrets No time to debate the current status Not free and not debunked

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