Push, Then Shove, Then Free

Words by Robb Spensley

All I need to set me free
push then shove then free
and Im adding to my family
and the Sun is shining
Its shining

All that I could want in my life
I feel like I already found it
so why even try to be a Famous guy
so the future scholars can journey up to my shrine
my shrine

I dont know if I wanna start now
And the worlds too populated now
We need to spread all the knowledge somehow
And the government thats only serving themselves

If you wanna come run to my hood
the neighborhood is the way I say that
and if I start to sense that youre up to no good
then Ill be watching and continuing on with my life
My life

Cause what did you think that we were doing
living up where it gets a little cold

When star-struck buddies wanna be on the world stage, are they just seeking new reality?
But what's the purpose? To be spreading our message! For starters in this country.
But the party lines are cutting you off from me (family)
And I don't think that's the way it's supposed to be

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