Stay in School

Words by Robb Spensley

Hey kids stay in school
I know you can't see know but when you're old it's reverse cool
And if you think I'm playin the fool
don't blame me when you bow to inferior rule
But it's actually superior rule
and you're bossed around by the world's biggest tool
And the world needs cycles too
and we're still tryin to figure out whose religionŐs true

You can never see the loving in a foreigner's eyes
They convinced you that the bombs are dropping over your shoulder
And now you're settling down and no longer pushing against barriers
I guess you'll leave it to the youth and misdirected gas huffers
When the know it alls won't stop and everybody suffers
I'd say shut up but I won't do the meek any favors

Hey man go to class
Mrs. History teaches one-sided accounts of the past
Until America runs out of gas
and we're customers of the cousins that want to bomb our ass
But we'll seek independence
from the wind and the waves and the marching steps of the red ants
And we'll evolve past our parents
and provide health care to an old man named Clarence

Now there's pirates stealin tanks and hoisting jolly rogers
You can bet if they had half the chance they'd rape all your daughters
I think I saw a pirate baby who winked at me from the manger
I was thinking it was a strange illusion Jesus-type figure
And what of local towns reacting to the predator hysteria
I hate the crime but you're just pushin them further undercover

I didn't want to abandon them
but they bailed on me again when I needed a friend
So I'll just be professional
and if they try to reach out I'll be reciprocal
Cuz if you burn your bridges needlessly
that attitude can make life really pricey
But you're not true
and I know you

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