Shame Version

Words by Robb Spensley

Something bad happens and it's totally your fault
You let yourself down and put futures at risk
You put lives at risk, you saw their face when you told them that you made a mistake

So now you're filled with shame and you hate yourself for it
Remembering the other times this happened before
There's that other you that your enemies see, am I that other you after all that my enemies see?
Then the negative thinking might rule your life
I fooled the ones that don't know and all the others were right
Boiling up with passion you need an escape
But you can't escape the pain you can't change what you did so you must fake

Most people don't know what happened, about your mistake
And there are appearances to be maintained
And remembering all the good things that you've gained

But festering down deep inside there's a list of those things from which you can't hide
Airing this laundry can only have a partial effect
While the second version of yourself patiently awaits its turn, you can't lie to your self or ignore your life or those feelings will explode you can't control them or predict the time
I try to learn the best I can and I must move forward
I can be stronger if I can although that list is getting longer
But you can't forget what you did and pretend it wasn't you, and you can't let access caution prohibit your views (moods)
Humble yourself let the light shine through
I'm not talking about religion this is something that you can do
This is something that some of us can do

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