The Bridge

Words by Robb Spensley

Country Living makes you kind of western kin
or maybe there's a relative egging you on
But no one from here's singing songs like that
and they've always been gone
Extended trip to the nearest circular track
just soaking it in and bringing it back
I see light that fears the night and the black
It's the same old song

You can't hang if you project too much when your body's dead
everything's okay
The only problem is the lack of loyal one's support
that you crave
Tossing and turning making it through to tomorrow
and another day
Occupy your hands and mind overcome your sorrow
you can't hide forever from your pain

So who's the villain is it Widmore or Ben?
Left wing liberal zen sounds so conservative again
Just step back and take a deep breath
it might be true because it's in your head
Pretty soon they have your DNA
and you appear on the board and they're cloning your day
Just tell em you don't wanna live that way
unless you do and go on your way

You can't hang if you reject the tough kinda sheepishly
make up your mind
The big solution is to be yourself strategically
kill them with the kind
Nothing will ever measure up to your TV
we're happy
And you're filled with unending hunger what does it mean?

I was told you've got save the world from itself
But I looked around to see the people chasing the wealth
Out your door
Your freedom won't let you in the park
You can gain entrance and it's with your friends
Your freedom won't let you in the park

I can see the Bridge

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