The Deep End

Words by Robb Spensley

You see I'm starin
I wonder what you're wearing underneath that dress and ohh
I don't give a care and
Who was there and who saw me I don't wanna behave

It's been a real long winter
I feel cold like a sinner hiding inside my cave and ohh
Show me the summer
Cause this weathers a bummer I can't act my age

I can stupefy your friends
Know that I love you in the end
I guess it's just the place that I'm in
It's sending me right over the deep end

And the warrior children
Who can be the worst villan in this capitalist age and ohh
Show me moderation
Cause your hesitation ill get you killed these days

Then you're locked in a strange room
Wondering if you'll ever be a groom and have a bride
And annoying best friends
They try to steal themselves into your families side

Why can't we just stand here and hang around
Cause my eyes open up and I seen the crowd
They say hey man it's cool yeah just be proud
I said I am proud man just I'm not loud

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