That's Okay

Words by Robb Spensley

Man in the mirror please make it clearer
I can't see what I hear and I need a career
I remember when I knew I had it all
But I found there's no magic savior at my call

Back when I was younger with emotionless hunger
Bumpin Clarence Carter in the souped up clunker
I was hanging with my friends cruising on empty
I think there's people in the trunk and the cops can't catch me

And now I'm growing older certain people getting closer
that's okay
some of my old supporters on a list that's getting shorter
that's okay

They said that they would love to but cancelled on the day of ooooh
Faux pas
You were planning and traveling to be at the occasion too
Now darling don't you cry don't take it so personal
Some people will let you down but I won't let you fall

And if you have some family then treasure them mightily
Unless they're like families in disputed estates cases
The meeting of the minds can turn all sour see
Like the giving volunteers who won't work without coffee

Everything can't stay the same
If it did life would be lame
Train yourself to embrace the change
Tell yourself it's okay

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