Wolves of Saint Knight

Words by Robb Spensley

(Saint Knight)
Way out past the saucy sea
about five clicks past Karavice Mountain
Dwells a species that the humans never see
because they're either bloggin or starving

But there are those with an insatiable thirst
who stood up to the L House agents
And murderers die because they stock you in your dreams
bringing guilt to abandoning parents

(Saint Knight)
The wolves of Saint Knight are fearless
and they arrive on the scene in squadrons
Coordinate like a pod of orcas
instant death to wrong-doers wandren

They enforced the law in times of old
with bold acts by their leader Eustis
And their wrath was felt by those who harmed the innocent
and made sacrifices for gods who don't exist

They are friends to the true of heart
They speak in languages we can't understand

Great battles raged
And no one took no prisoners
And those who would harm the weak for selfish gains
Were judged in the council of warriors

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