You Can't Drive

Words by Robb Spensley

You can't drive
I'm tired of driving ten miles under the limit
Pull to the side
you think they're stacked up because they're timid?
Be a team player
we're on the road cause we wanna get somewhere
And we don't appreciate
your selfish attention seeking behavior

What's to be done

On the interstate
the left lane is for passing
No excuses
like questions on your cell phone asking
normal business grinds to a halt
Then the Dow drops
and it's your fault

What's to be done

Hey there captain high beams
do you really wanna blind the guy whose driving your direction?
Tailgaters away
even if I slow down half the time you won't pass me
Confident pedestrian
this road was made for cars and they can overcome you
So please take this lesson
in order to pass on the genes of your family

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