Nobody Said

Words by Robb Spensley

You and me brother been friends a long time
but I'm not gonna let your struggle become mine
Words of wisdom the body fuels the mind
so I'm telling you to keep yourself busy and then I know that you'll be fine
keeping busy all the time

I love you anyway even though you're that guy if you go to the dark side
I'll reconnect you to the light

Did you ever meet those people who start talking to you
and pretty soon it becomes real clear they're actually talking to their crew
Talking all loud can't they sense you're uncomfortable?
Interrupting your reply as you attempt to stand up to their conversation
maintaining positive vibrations
Everybody knows that it takes all kinds
and life rewards this person cause their aggressive and they're not afraid to fight

Nobody said that life would be fair
Nobody said that your neighbors would share
Nobody said that your parents would care
It's not fair so you gotta fight
tomorrow's another night
Life's not fair

I'm begging you please with the smilers disease
I can put on a brave face the next time you're falling to your knees
So I'm telling you now and I hope you understand
that you can't let legitimate sorrows be impacting on your plans
and then I'll have your back man
Oh my friend I know you're lonely today
but tonight's another night and tomorrow it's another day

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