Your Religion is Mine

Words by Robb Spensley

If I kill myself and take all you with me
I'm rewarded with eternal salvation
said the terrorist who is American
And we'll rid ourselves of the Zionists
who burn in the fires of Las Vegas
and the oil slicks in the oceans

Now the innocent no longer with us
and they died for your righteous shenanigans
and their families mourn in the darkness of sins
So when cowards are mailing you anthrax
it's the ends not the means that's significant
extreme worshippers of religions

Your religion is mine
Cause we believe in our child

It's a band of oil crusaders
and they look strangely anglo familiar
here to make you into their consumers
Scientific progress
stymied by doctrine reliance
eating cardboard and causing tumors

Help them to see the light
by bombing those who shelter him
Resistance of steroids and nuclear weapons
resistance to religion
Tell the old woman
she'll likely die of Parkinson's
because of decrees from the Vatican
Gee I wonder
if conflict is more impending
from people in different divisions

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